Czech basketball all-star game highlights

Getting a ball through the hoop is not enough in the exhibition of the best. 

The Czech basketball all-star game is back again! This year, the  best of the National Basketball League (NBL) settled in Usti nad Labem on the 30th of December, and there was a lot to watch.  Excellent atmosphere, exquisite basketball moves, sportsmanship, but most importantly, great fun and plenty of astonishing sporty and cultural experiences for the audience in a sold-out arena. All these aspects made this annual event so special and breathtaking.

The central point was, of course, the match, which featured on one side young guns and on the other side veteran players. The main role belonged to home player Donald Robinson, who scored 45 points and completely took over the game. Due to the lack of defense, the ending score on the table was 133 to 122 in favor of veterans.

Selected athletes also competed in the classical three-point contest and 1on1 challenge. At the beginning of the evening, a special guest was introduced – a popular rapper nicknamed Rytmus, who performed during the breaks and also became a member of the jury for the last challenge, which had been planned as a highlight of the evening.

And it was a highlight indeed. I mean, of course, the slam dunk contest. This year´s contest showed great athletic ability of foreign players, but didn’t leave out one Czech player either. Behind the backs, between the legs, the legendary tomahawk, those are just a few of many moves which could be seen in Usti nad Labem.

In the final round, no surprise there, two American players stood against each other – Donald Robinson and Kendrick Ray – the latter being eventually more successful.

The all-star game, which has been raising money for a charity called ‘’Every basket helps’’ since 2007, offered an opportunity to participate and donate during the exhibition, and even encouraged to get involved throughout the whole year. The event on its own managed to inspire future charity supporters by donating a one-time amount of 26,000 CZK to ‘’Konto Bariery’’, which is, as well as ‘’Every basket helps’’ an organisation that focuses on helping people who have found themselves in a tough life situation.

The organisers did a splendid  job and deserved a standing ovation.


Text a audio nahrávka vznikly v rámci kurzu Angličtina pro žurnalisty pod vedením Mgr. Aleny Proškové.



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