Is the media crisis the crisis of society?

Barbora Králová interviews journalist Jean Garner, former Senior Executive Producer at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

In democracies, we have to listen to a range of news media sources to get a fuller picture.“

They have an agenda. They are trying to pollute my mind.’ I think getting past that is an almost insurmountable situation. (…) There are so many competing forces. So there is no one solution to getting people to trust the media. You have too many agents of change.“

The idea of trust in the news media is tied to trust in the government, trust in leaders, trust in society as a whole.“

Příspěvky vznikly v rámci kurzu Angličtina pro žurnalisty pod vedením Mgr. Aleny Proškové. / Projects created during the English for Journalists course led by Mgr. Alena Prošková.