30 years of Czech Theatre

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Prague 6’s Dejvické Divadlo theatre is hosting a series of special events this month. The theatre has held a focus on contemporary theatre both foreign and domestic, while including works from the 20th century’s literary canon. This has been maintained throughout a series of transformations in its core ensemble and the building itself. On Tuesday, the theatre presented a comedy evening of improvisation with the famous actress, and one of the main ensemble members, Simona Babčáková.

Pictures of ensemble performers, Martin Myšička and Pavel Šimčík above Dejvické’s lounge and bar. When the theatre first formed in 1992 it was composed primarily of students from DAMU. Since 1996, the ensemble has gradually evolved to include a variety of actors and artists from outside the DAMU community.
The venue hosts hundreds of people everyday, and contributes to a thriving independent and state-owned theatre community.
Simona Babčáková introducing the evenings performances. Babčáková, who works as a film and theatre actress as well as an improvisational comedian, is a mainstay at Dejvické. She has been one of the central performers in the ensemble since 1996.

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