Countering fast fashion: Swapping is not just sustainable – it is a lifestyle

For Kristyna Holubova and Lucie Poubova swapping upcycling clothes is the most normal thing in the world. The founders of the NGO SWAP Prague want to bring their lifestyle to a wider audience by organizing the biggest swap mall – not just in Prague, but in the world. To reach people outside the typical bubbles, they bring it upon themselves to advertise their event with the – in their opinion – overused term “sustainable”. Krystina says that sustainability for her “equals life and future”. She doesn’t like that the word mostly brands new products of top-notch brands. “I don’t like these labels, but we live in a world where we have to market everything, so we market what we do as sustainable. For us it’s the most normal lifestyle though.” 

The swap mall opens its doors from 9am to 7pm everyday until the 24th of October.

Krystina and Lucie have been organizing swaps for over seven years, until they opened the first swap mall in 2021. They claim it is the biggest of its kind worldwide. “For us the swap is a great instrument to open peoples’ minds and show them how to live more normal in our perception, for some people more sustainable.”
The remaining 15 percent were taken by a collaborator to its textile containers who then redistributed and reused almost all of the unused textiles and accessories. 
Besides the swap itself, the event offers a wide range of workshops on changing everyday habits, for example on sewing and upcycling, making kombucha. Also, babysitting is offered so that parents can browse freely. 
In the following days Hall 17 of Pražská tržnice will be filled with more clothes, more people and more willingness to lead a more consumption-conscious life. 

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