Street Food Festival Prague 2015: Cooking on the street

Making great food on the street has become very trendy lately. A brand new Street Food Festival took place in Prague on October 17 as a part of the Life Sciences Film Festival. The event proved to be a huge success despite the unfavourable weather.

In Prague, October’s third weekend was dedicated to food and its ready-to-eat variations. The new Street Food Festival took place in Prague’s municipal quarter of Dejvice and was held as a part of the 5th season of the Life Sciences Film Festival. The main idea of the Street Food Festival was not only to return to the roots of street food cuisine but also to keep the original way of cooking on the street and to bring it to diners without frills. The festival was launched on Saturday morning on the premises of the Czech Technical University, with an indoor section held in the grand, five-story open atrium of the National Technical Library.

Visitors could get a taste of all kinds of international and ethnic cuisines’ samples, which had been prepared in front of their very eyes. Food stalls were managed either by owners of different Prague restaurants or by amateur hobby chefs who were offered this opportunity by the organizers of the festival.IMG_7699

In spite of the cold and rainy weather, the attendance was large – nearly five thousand taste-testers enjoyed the feast. As mentioned before, the event was not targeted only at fans of food. In addition to colourful culinary experiences, organizers had also prepared a fringe festival dedicated to current environmental issues – the primary focus of the Life Science Film Festival (LSFF). Thanks to that, visitors had the opportunity to watch the winning movies of the international film competition of the LSFF 2015, and they could also attend various topical lectures, discussions and workshops.

The immensely positive feedback of the festival was certainly no surprise. Crowds of satisfied visi-tors will hardly forget those delicious burgers prepared and served by the creative young men of ‚We Are Burgers‘ or the Vietnamese baguettes from Prague’s famous ‚Bánh mi Makers Bistro’…Moreover, many will also remember the menu of the „food for thought“.

Text vznikl v rámci předmětu Angličtina pro žurnalisty pod vedením Mgr. Aleny Proškové.

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