Švandovo divadlo presented a play that isn’t for everyone

Even though it is rather a small theater, the level of its performances is quite high and it is popular amongst the public as well as cultural critics. Švandovo divadlo is known for its way of arranging and presenting the plays – there is always a distinctive feature to it, no matter if it is a classic or a contemporary piece.

I am very fond of their performances, and I strongly recommend the theatre’s version of the Hamlet, the musical Popeláři, Parchant Marilyn portraying the fate of Marylin Monroe, and also Proměna, based on the very well-known novella Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.

Each show is a product of an immense amount of work on the smallest details, and is incredibly thought-out. Besides, they tackle important issues in the world as well as in the life of an individual. You can be sure to find the satire, the irony and a lot of political or social reference throughout the pieces.

FOTO: Idioti at Švandovo divadlo
The Idiots is a play that has its origins in Denmark, for it is originally a film from 1998 based on a script of Lars von Trier. The story follows a few people living their life with a usual routine. They all experience the comfort and luxury but somehow, they feel as if living amongst this kind of a debonair society is making them go crazy. So, they invent their own little society in which everyone can go crazy as they please. Nothing is forbidden here.

However, we are all just humans and so this concept, which seemed so liberating, gets more and more out of hands of its creators. The leader of the “idiots”, Stoffer (Luboš Veselý), has some real issues, too. He keeps pushing and moving the boundaries of what is still accepted in an “idiot” society. The play fiercely escalates from here on, and the actions of the “idiots” are more and more irrational, distasteful and uncontrollable. The grand finale of this play really gets under the skin of any spectator.

FOTO: Idioti at Švandovo divadlo

I really enjoyed this play from the first act until the very end. All the actors’ performances were heartfelt and very genuine, especially Klára Cibulková, who played the part of Karen. She shows an extreme transformation because she enters the group as a shy and conformist young woman and becomes a real “idiot” who likes to play and doesn’t care how far the game goes and what people are going to say.

I must say that, the audience was participative and lively. That is another thing that I like about this theater – it gives you the feeling that you are a significant part of it. One big plus is that the community of actors is not too big so you can see the same people dealing with different characters. Overall, Švandovo divadlo is a place where I am always happy to return because I know I can expect a well-defined, entertaining and insightful stage play.

Text vznikl v rámci kurzu Angličtina pro žurnalisty Kabinetu jazykové přípravy.

Photo credit: Švandovo divadlo, Roman Vondrouš/ČTK

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