How to build a legacy with your character

A professional sportsman has a miraculous power. They affect people who admire them, the people who believe in them and support them. Sport is a terrific show where two great men can become an inspiration and motivation. They pass their own legacy not only on to their tennis succesors, but also on to many kids around the world. Two tennis legends, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, showed that they are both much more than just tremendous players. They proved that they are extraordinarily strong characters.

Many people had just written them off. They were coming back after long spells of convalescence following their injuries and nobody had expected any significant results. This fact made their qualification for the final truly astonishing. It seemed as if they wanted to convince us that we still need to count on them. Their final clash reminded people monumental fights from past tournaments. These were exactly the kind of contests their fans had missed so much.

Tennis players might not always admit that, but they shoulder a great deal of responsibility. They have to be role models who are the sources of an inspiration. Some players have almost an aura around them, even though they describe themselves as plain, common people. You don’t accomplish that with money and success. It is something which shines out of you. It´s your character, your personality and your respect for others.

These are the reasons why the Swiss gentleman Roger Federer and the Spanish ‚bull‘ Rafael Nadal have become the world’s greatest tennis players. They have built a mutual rivalry during their phenomenal matches. Every fan wants to see this rivalry back again on the tennis court. Federer and Nadal don’t leave much space to one other. They play tug-o-war at every single point of the game. However, the rivalry doesn’t exceed the line of the tennis net. After all these years of never-ending contests, they have created a truly honest friendship. People feel it and they know that the money and fame are not actually the most significant aspect of their careers.

They have never ceased to work hard, even if they don’t have to prove anything to anybody. since they have achieved everything they could have. They maintain their exceptional status despite the crowd of young players awaiting their five minutes of fame. In tennis, where only one player wins the trophy, these two men have accomplished the impossible again. Thanks to their greatness, and to their love for the sport, they both win. When an athlete reaches such status, their legacy lives forever.

Text vznikl v rámci kurzu Angličtina pro žurnalisty Kabinetu jazykové přípravy.

Foto credit: Getty Images, Cameron Spencer

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