F*ck Put*n: A spontaneous initiative in support of Ukraine

Anna Průšková, 21, Czech-Italian, is among the organizers of F*ck Put*, a spontaneous initiative among many taking place in Prague to support Ukrainians amid the war.

Together with the help of two friends, Anežka Fialová, 19, and Rozalie Švaříčková, 23, the three students organized a second-hand event whose earnings will be donated to the NGO “People in Need” to help Ukrainians.

“We already wanted to organize a second-hand event for a long time so since my mom owns this bar, when the war broke out I got so mad at the situation that I made the first “F*ck P*tin” shirt and saw the perfect opportunity to finally do it”, said Anna.

Surprisingly for them, many more people than expected showed up to the fund-raiser event that took place throughout the whole day of Sunday, March 6th, at Richy Happy Bar in the center of Prague’s New Town area.

(From left to right) Anna Průšková, Anežka Fialová, and Rozalie Švaříčková, organizers of the event F*ck Put*n.
Anežka Fialová wearing one of the many customized clothing items available for purchase at the second-hand event.
A customized t-shirt
Eliška Nagyová and Honza Váňa performing at the event that later turned into a concert venue.

Photos: Teresa Di Mauro

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